Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new year has sprung up on me with out much warning. I really am finding it hard to believe that 2006 has past by so quickly. Where has the time gone. I went out to two parties with a friend. The parties really were not that great but the company was great and made up for it. We ended up watching movies all night after ringing in the new year. Monday actually felt a lot like a Sunday, nothing got done.

I picked up book 4 of the Megatokyo Manga. I was going to order it online from Megagear but in the end I was at a book store and decided to pick it up. I am not sure where the rest of the books are right now. I still have to unpack all my books but at least they are now out of the way, ie filling up the closets. I feel like there are still so many things I have to get in order to make the place livable and every time I think about it I end up putting it off. With a car repair bill coming up I am also not sure how much I should go out and spend on furniture. I have the option of bringing home some of the lab shelves and supports. That will work for the bed room but I am not sure it will work for the living room. Also some of the shelves are very wide, there appear to be enough narrow shelves to make it worth the effort. Maybe I will pick them up when I come get my plants.



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