Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snowshoes and yarn

I only had about three hours of sleep the night before, so I left work a little early and crashed. As I was leaving this morning I noticed two boxes vrom UPS waiting for me. Either they had arrived in the morning or I had missed them last night. So the snowshoes I am going to be testing have arrived. They are quite nice. I can't wait to take them out for a spin. They weigh in at just under 3 lbs. I also received the yarn and needles I ordered. Now I can finish a project I have had on the needles for a while now. I ran out of yarn. I hope the colour matches well as I don't really want to rip it back any more to blend the colours. I think I have enough loose yarn from the last ball to blend a few rows but only if it isn't too noticeable.

Not sure why but I had a really nasty case of insomnia. I woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep. At least last night I was able to catch up a little. I felt like a walking zombie near the end of the day. Everytime I sat down in front of the computer to work on the mounting paperwork, I found myself drifting off. I am still feeling a little tired from staynig out late on Friday night after the holiday party then again on Saturday night after the movie meetup. I ended up skipping supper last night in favour of going to bed early. At least I am not snacking on junk. I did lose the 5 lbs from NanoWriMo. I ate a little too much junk while I was writing. My wrists are still a little sore as I find I am not typing protocols at work then trying to finish the novel at home at my non-ergonomic workstation. I really should pull the keyboard off the computer and hook it up to the laptop. It would help with the posture and I wouldn't be resting my wrists so much on the laptop surface.

I rearranged the boxes in the apartment. I put all the book boxes in the closet to hide them away until I get bookshelves. I unpacked a few of the smaller boxes of things I have space for right now. I think the aquariums are going. I posted them on Craigslist, I will see what happens. If there are no takers before I leave I will have to invite someone over to help rearrange furniture to make the apartment more livable. I think I will keep the little one gallon aquarium, I might get a couple of nice fish and bring it into work.

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