Sunday, December 17, 2006


The movie of the week was Eragon. Based on the book Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1) that I haven't read yet but I decided to go watch the movie anyways. I figured I can always do what I did with LOTR which was read the books after the fact. The moviedoes seem to be geared for a younger audience. The story starts a little slow as they establish background about the Dragon Riders and the king. We really don't learn much about Eragon. He does seem to have been thrust into the story a little. I did find that there were a few scenes where the cgi artists seemed to be trying to have more fun then trying to make things blend in. I really don't think that dragons would sit up and beg with their wings outstretched, but apparently they do in this world. I also found the final battle to be a somewhat on teh fake and grandious side. I did find overall that the movie was entertaining and mostly absorbing. At least absorbing enough that I didn't really notice the people talking behind me or the baby crying.



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