Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

I must have been a good girl this year, Santa was very nice to me. I received a very nice microwave, and knife set as well as a cordless drill and screw driver. Those last two would have come in handy when I was setting up my dining room table and kitchen counter but I will still find uses for them. I have a curtain rod to put up, the top to the kitchen counter needs to be screwed down and the hole for the handles still need to be drilled.

I feel a little bad that I didn't manage to finish the sweater for my father for Christmas. Other than that, I did get most of the things on my list. My mom was very happy to finally receive her very own iPod. I think we were all happy to see her get it too, especially since I had bought it in September. It was the best kept secret, everyone knew but her. That meant that she also got a nice speaker dock to go with it.

We had a slightly smaller family dinner this year, only my grandparents came over this year. Normally we go to my grandparents house and my fathers brother and his family are also there. With that many people, it makes for a big supper and my grandparents were just not up to it. So we invited them over and it was a big production. Everything was really good. It is no wonder that people gain weight over the holidays, with so much good food around, I just wanted to eat everything. And the desserts are really hard to give up too. I need to get back out and hit the trails.



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