Thursday, December 14, 2006

Novel progress

I am actually up to 14 chapters. I am not sure the last few chapters are any good but at least I am progressing. I have been working on the last two chapters back and forth trying to finish them but with all the typing I have been doing at work I am all typed out when I get home. Then by the time I cook something and eat I feel like it is almost time for bed. I have been doing some knitting as it it relatively easy to pick up and drop. I am knitting a swatch to determine the best needles to use on a pair of mittens for myself. I found a nice pattern on knitty and I have some nice wool that would work well with the pattern I think. At last check I was at 55,000 words. I have actually moved from using Word to using Writely. Word was slowing my laptop down so much it wasn't funny. I had trouble moving back and forth between programs. I didn't even have the entire novel open, I have decided to keep each chapter separate to help with moving chapters around if I need, or to add if that comes up. I really want to get this done as Lulu's has a special offer for NanoWriMo participants that they will print one free copy of a winners novel and send it too them. I think that is great and want to participate in that. If for nothing else than to see my name in print on a novel but I want it to be finished with an ending of some sort. That is much better than just bragging about having written a novel. I have been thinking about releasing a few chapters on the web on another blog. Not sure if I want to inflict this on anyone. Send me a comment if you want to sway my decision or read what I wrote.

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Blogger Sam said...

I would love to read what you've written! You are one of the most interesting people I have ever come across, with some of the most diverse hobbies and talents. If you write anything like you live your stuff is sure to be a good read!!!

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