Saturday, December 09, 2006

No snow but a party anyways

I'm really heartbroken over this, okay not really. I don't have the snowshoes I will be testing yet so getting snow or not doesn't matter too much. There was all of about 5 minutes of snow the other day. Just enough to see under the street lamp and get everything wet. It basically melted on contact with the warm ground. Washington DC is starting to remind me of Vancouver although it doesn't seem to rain as much here as I seem to remember out in BC.

Yesterday was the department holiday party which for some reason I keep wanting to call the halloween party. Same first letter, wrong month. Since the lab was going to be introduced and it was a good place to meet people, we all walked over to the party together then sat off by ourselves until we were introduced. After that a little mingling happened. The other lab people starting leaving until I noticed I was the only one from my group left. Then I saw one person I knew so I walked over and started chatting with him. Turns out he makes beer too, so we talked beer half the night. We stayed until the end and helped clean up then walked back to the labs then left. We ended up chatting until about 3 in the morning before we finally parted ways. I think I've make a friend. So I basically got about 5 hours of sleep since I woke up early as usual.

I'm off to a movie later this afternoon. I will post an impression later. The movie will be The Holiday.



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