Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Holiday

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie. I had seen the previews but in the end I don't think previews can really be trusted to give a good impression of a movie. The movie group I went with had this film dubbed a 'chick flick'. I was actually very impressed with the movie and the story. I liked the movie a lot and there was an unexpected twist that made the movie a much better watch then it might have been without the twist. Also, hearing people talking with british accents is always nice. Jack Black at one point in the film starts singing which for me ended with a strange meetup in my head. Jack Black also sings for Tenacious D and at that one moment he sounded exactly like Tenacious D which didn't really fit in with the movie for me.

The movie starts off a little slow as we get to know the characters and the lives they are trying to run away from. I have noticed that when I see how bad someone else's life is, mine tends to look a little better. After each character realizes how bad their life is and how much they need to get away, they find each other on a housing exchange site then agree to switch homes for two weeks to get away and experience something new. It was quite entertaining to see a workaholic presented with idyllic country life and how bored she rapidly became. I noticed that they seemed to protray the American as slightly less able to handle driving while the British woman seemed to have no problems. I highly recommend this movie and really didn't find that it was just a chick flick. There were a few guys who showed up wth the group who claimed they enjoyed the film.



Blogger Sam said...

I was a bit hesitant b/c I too heard this movie was a "chick-flick." I wanted to see it but I didn't want to get all emotional which doesn't sound like will happen. Thanks for the review!

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