Thursday, December 07, 2006

A working oven finally and possibly snow!

I finally have a working oven. Actually they gave me a brand new stove. It is just as small as the one that was here before as it had to fit in the existing space but at least it is new and shiny. I haven't actually tried using it as I had already eaten. I ended up getting lunch down at the health and safety office so I ate my lunch at work for supper. At least I can reheat at work. I think I will be getting a microwave so I can thaw stuff and reheat leftovers. So by the time I go home I was full and not about to cook. There is a pot luck party tomorrow but I just don't feel like cooking anything right now. I have been finding that I am lethargic. I think part of it is that I still haven't finished with the unpacking. The apartment is still a disaster. I need to get replacement bookshelves as one didn't really survive the move. I also still have to decide if I want to keep the aquariums or not. I really want to keep the 55 gallon aquarium but I am wondering if I really feel like setting it up then taking care of it. It would look really nice once it is set up but do I really want the extra burden or do I want to try to simplify my life. Having the aquarium up and running, plus the cat and all the plants means that if I go away for more than three days, I will have to have someone stop by to feed and water things. I've noticed that it is so dry in the apartment that I have to water the plants everyday to keep them hydrated. And I find I haven't been drinking enough myself. I keep forgetting to fill the humidifier and having the windows open hasn't been helping. I only just closed most of the windows yesterday and just closed the livingroom window today. They are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow. I can't wait. Likely I will be disappointed. It just doesn't feel like the holidays until there is snow on the ground. I need to start planning my time off.


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