Sunday, January 14, 2007

Casino Royale

Decided to go watch the movie even though it is a remake of an older movie. Actually, I tried to look up the old movie and couldn't find it on so now I am doubting my memory of the title.

I had not heard many good things about the new James Bond. Most of the complaints seemed to center around his being blond but then the complaints came out before the movie did so I didn't put much stock in them. Also, the critics don't rank very high in my books and I never listen to them. I decided to listen to a friend who had seen it before and we went out and watched the movie together.

I really liked the movie, I liked how they started the film off in his past the jump up to 'modern times' was a little disconcerting though. The film has the feel of being in his past while the film seems to be ahead of the other films. This dichotomy gave the movie a strange feel but overall the movie was still enjoyable. I have been trying to remember if the old movies had M as the director but again, this would be a minor plot point that does not detract from the film unless you are a die-hard Bond fan. The action sequences are spectacular and the action set at the beginning of the film was almost surreal. The man Bond is chasing looks like he had springs for legs and a rubber body. Of course Bond gets the great car, has the good looking girl on his arm and survives death to win the day. It is the getting through all that that makes the film worth watching.

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