Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beer supplies, check!

I made it down to the local beer supply store. It is actually the basement of someones house and a home business but they had everything I needed. I did have to pick up some new equipment due to a lost in one of my moves but that was fine. The loss that will be harder to replace will be all the beer bottles. I can buy them from the beer store or try to find a free supply. Alternatively, I can use the keg I recently acquired from a hiking partner and pick up the hardware needed for that. The problem with the keg is that I will either have to pressurize the keg (this is most likely), or drink it all in one sitting (not very likely but I can bring it to a TGIF at the school and let everyone partake in the beer). So I now have the supplies, minus bottles for two batches of beer, I decided to do the Trois Pistoles clone again and give the white another try. I had great success with the Trois Pistoles the first time around but I have never had much luck with the white. While it is a great tasting beer, it has always been flat. I am not sure if this is due to the 2 month cycle in the bottle, unlikely but possible, or simply that the yeast is unable to cope with the high alcohol content. I suspect the latter and this time I picked up some champagne yeast which can handle higher alcohol levels. I am also tweeking the recipe a little and will be making a full 2.5 gallon batch. So I am set to go. If the weather is uncooperative tomorrow, I will make beer instead of hiking. There is rain in the forecast for this entire weekend, likely because the weather gods knew this was a holiday weekend. Oh well. At least I am getting out and getting some things done. Monday is going to be the slow day with nothing to do. Tuesday I will be trying to go to the Canadian expat meetup, Wednesday I get the muffler fixed on the car, Thursday nothing, and Friday maybe there will be a TGIF at the school. Then another fun filled weekend I hope.

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