Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Car woes

I just got a quote for all the ills of the car and it is listed below, I am just getting the muffle and vacuum hose fixed for now.

$480 - muffler
$520 - front rotors and new brakes
$420 - back rotor and new brakes
$195 - parking brake cables
$390 - strut mounts worn
$300 - splash shields missing (and likely missing for a long time and unnecessary, also gets in the way of me changing the oil)
$1100 - subframe control arm and alignment (from when I hit that rock at leaat 2 years ago, car is still going fine but with a little squeek every once in a while)
$150 - vacuum line for intake manifold

This next was suggested simply because I am now at 108,700 miles.
$661 - 100,000 mile check up and fuel line replacement (I can save $71 if I change the fuel line filter myself)

The list is rather impressive but I did know about some of this and have ignored it as non-essential for quite a while now, like splash shields. I know I need rotors but apparently all 4 need to be replaced. I can likely do a fuel line filter myself, so how important is a 100,000 mile check up? Also, to buy all the rotors myself costs $293, then tools and brake pads, plus a new lug bolt will come to less than the $1000 repair but is it worth the headache. I am not sure how many more good years this car has left in it as they did mention there was a fair amount of rust underneath. Not sure it is worth it to cut my losses now as I don't think I can afford the expense of a decent car right now and I don't want to buy another car that might be even worse off then what I have. I know new is not necessary but I would like to get something decent.

Well, I get the car back tomorrow sounding much better but the bank account will be a little bit lighter. The muffler repair isn't so bad considering I really haven't put that much money into the car for the last few years, basically a new windshield and oil pan. Not sure what to make of the rest of the list.



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