Saturday, December 02, 2006

Carderock Hike

The day hiking group was getting out today so I decided to go. I didn't realize that the hike was only along the C&O canal. This meant is was a nice flat hike. I was completely prepared for real hiking and thus over prepared. Apparently there are toilets spaced at nice intervals all along this part of the canal. The weather was nice and brisk, perfect for hiking as the cool wind prevented over heating. I was wearing my hiking sandals netting me a few strange looks. No my feet were not cold! The one think I noticed was that after not wearing my sandals for almost two months, my feet were nice and tender and I ended up with a few raw points. It was a shame because there is another hike next weekend and I don't think I will be able to go if my feet are still raw. Also, I really dislike my leather hiking boots due to their stiffness so hiking in boots are out too. I will ahve to go out and get some trail runners so I can have spring and fall footwear. Otherwise, I will have to toughen up my feet and find a way to keep them tough.

I found out I will be testing snowshoes this winter. They have asked me to trade with another tester as the company was unwilling to ship overseas so I am testing a very small light pair. they look like fun and I can't wait to get ehm and try them out. I hope I can get them before I leave for Christmas break as I want to play with them over the break. Snow is easier to come by in Canada then down here. I will have to travel out to the mountains. I have also heard that a little snow here will shut the city down. I am glad I live walking distance to work. If there is any large accumulation, I can run in deal with the few emergency things then come back home. Everyone else lives a fair distance away. I keep trying to tell myself that I am made of tougher stuff but I find the cold is affecting me more then it used to.

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