Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Fountain

Had a chance to see The Fountain. I am so sorry that I did. The movie sucked so bad I was a little surprised I didn't fall asleep during the movie. I could have used the sleep. The only thing I am grateful for is that I caught an early showing meaning I didn't pay full price. The movie was so disjointed that when the ending came, I found myself sitting there in stunned silence waiting for more. The ending was totally unsatisfying and didn't seem to wrap up anything from the movie. I feel that I could have written something better than the drivel that was presented. And probably somewhere is a studio exec selling the movie as very artistic and well done, a story of love through the ages and how aging changes everything and nothing, or some crap like that. I later found out that the critics panned the movie. I don't normally take stock in what critics say as they are likely to find some deep meaning in the film and claim it was artistically rendered. There is almost a guarantee that if the critic didn't like the movie then it must have been good. I may have to start at least skimming a few reviews to at least make sure I am seeing something worth seeing. I have joined a movie meetup down here and at least I will have company during the bombs.



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