Saturday, October 14, 2006

Man of the Year

As there was no movie group meeting up this Saturday, I decided to head out on my own and watch something. I decided on Man of the Year even though from the previews it looked like another cookie cutter movie. I actually went into the movie with a large assumption. After watching the movie, I realized it was not as cookie cutter as I had been lead to believe. There was actually more substance and plot behind what the preview lead me to believe. It was a little difficult watching Robin Williams trying to be a serious politician. It was a relief when he finally switched into his comedian role. But even when he was being funny, he was hitting the issues bang on and putting the other political candidates in their places. A very good point is made in the movie. When people consistanly turn to satire news show such as John Steward's to get the facts, it is a sad commentary on real news channels. And when a news show successfully wins in court the right to lie or omit the facts, what does that tell you about how news is disseminated. The movie was good. There were a few flaws that seemed to stand out. One of the main characters, Elenor Green, really needed more of her character fleshed out so we could better understand why she was behaving the way she did. In one scene she seems normal then in the next she is acting paranoid and squirrly. Is there something about her that would cause her to come across as paranoid, or is she extremely shy when put on the spot. This strangeness of her character was a real plot annoyance that could not be ignored or brushed off as she was a main character. A little more background would have helped. Overall I found the movie well worth watching and quite enjoyable. If nothing else, it was worth it to see a politician put in their place by having the truth shoved down their throat.


Blogger Sam said...

While I really enjoy Robin William's comedic talent, his latest stuff has felt a little less than par. This movie looked like a return to his good stuff which made me want to check it out. Thanks for the review; now I really want to see it!

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