Monday, October 09, 2006

Working Vacation

It is really nice to be able to go home and get grease on my hands. Well, maybe not that nice. I had hoped to kick back and relax a little and yet I am glad I got a lot of car work out of the way. Some of it was rather unexpected but that is the way the car seems to be heading. The driver side brakes decided to lock closed so they needed to be greased, had to change the brake pads at the same time. As it had been a while, I washed and waxed the car then vacuumed it out and cleaned the inside of the windows. The car is still covered in little spots from the landlady's tree. Not sure there is anything I can do about it. I will have to find some time later to work at getting them all off. Once I am away from that horrible tree. So now my nice, clean car is in the garage.

A lot was accomplished this weekend. A tree was pruned back, another was cut down, I got all my ccar stuff done, I had a nice turkey dinner and really great turkey leftovers. Plus we all went out to catch another movie together. I also had time to get my dose of steamies and greasy fries. I don't know what they put on the hotdog that makes it so good but I had to get some while I was back. I also picked up some more ketchup Lay's chips. Wish they sold these in the States. Guess there is a reason they are called Canada's favourite. When I did a web search I found a website that sells Canadian items to those who crave what they can't get. Since I visit Canada often enough to satisfy my cravingsI don't think I will have to resort to buying stuff over the web, but I ma sure this site is a godsend to expats who can't get back to visit so easily. It is a great idea, if a little pricey.


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