Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crazy Week

What an absolutely crazy past few days. We had a lab farewell Monday afternoon with the other labs on our floor. I didn’t recognize half of the people there which is a rather sad state of things. I haven’t even been there long enough to recognize half of the people around me. I think some of them where from the 5th floor which is where the rest of our department is located.

Tuesday we had a lab lunch to chat and socialize. Last time we will have one in Boston. We opted to go to Legal Seafoods. I have eaten there before and thought the food was okay but this time I was not really impressed. It was a shame I didn’t know before hand that there was a Cheesecake Factory in the same area. Then again there is one vegan in the lab and one with wheat allergies. I did enjoy the bananas foster on the vanilla ice cream. You could even see the vanilla seeds in the ice cream. So most of Tuesday was a write off.

Wednesday there was a vendor fair where we could go and meet with the reps of the companies we buy supplies from. Basically, it is a place to get free food, free shwag which is not a cool as it used to be, and talk with people you really don’t want to. I ended up talking with this one rep who seemed to have no concept of personal space so every time I took a small step back he seemed to find a way to lean in more. Very annoying and he was also a smoker. So I wasted a good hour talking with reps. I did get a free thumb drive that doesn’t work on the Mac not was I able to format it on the Mac. I will have to try on a Windoze machine.

Thursday was my last day of the work week as I fly down to DC Friday. So I was extremely busy today trying to get everything wrapped up at work and prepared for my trip down. I also had a doctors appointment in the middle of the day. That would not have been a problem except for the fact that the moving guy came late to do the walk through. So I felt rushed when I was giving him information and likely I missed a few things. So I had to fire off an email.


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