Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gridiron Gang

I probably should have been out kayaking or at least doing something to enjoy the nice weather. Instead, I drove over to the theater, which is a short walk away, sat in a dark, climate controlled theater and watched a movie. I didn't walk over, which I normally would have done, because I ate somthing that disagreed with me and left late. Of all the movies that were playing at this theater, only Gridiron Gang looked worth watching. I am actually glad I watched it. It was a good movie. The Rock played a passionate and strong character and did a good job of making it believeable. Some of the actors playing the troubled teens sometimes came across as a little flat during what should have been an emotional scene but as a whole, the movie was very good. The end of the movie also had actually footage of the coach and the teens that were portrayed in the movie. It was a little sad to see that so many of the youths in the detention center were black. Although it might actually portray reality, they could have mixed it up a little more or maybe made it a little more obvious that not only blacks are involved in gangs or youth crimes. I think that if you liked Save the Last Dance, then you will like this movie. They both make the same point but take different points of view to make it.


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