Friday, September 29, 2006

Free Food

I flew down to DC today. I was supposed to fly down on the 9:45 flight but that didn’t seem like enough time to get everything done so I asked for the 8:45 flight. Also, since it is a shuttle flight that runs every hour, if I got to the airport sooner I could get bumped up. What ended up happening was that I hit the snooze one too many times, got distracted with the cat and getting necessary things out of my email account. In the end, I got to the airport as the plane was leaving so I got bumped up to the 9:45 flight. Oh well. The only reason I wanted to fly out in the morning was so I could go to the knitting group which no one showed up to. I did knit and enjoy a nice Asiago cheese bagel but I did not get a chance to sit and yak with people which is what I was looking forward too. In the end, I should have flown out last night and I could have saved myself some of the hassle and been in DC with plenty of time to get everything done comfortably. I also realized afterwards that I missed the departmental TGIF. Bummer, nothing beats free food and people to enjoy it with. I did get free food while at Georgetown so only a little loss.


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