Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moles, check

Moles I have plenty of and so when I was at the doctors office a few days ago to inquire about my lack of sleep the past few nights, she noticed my moles. Not just any moles but the ones on my back which I can't see. Seems it was time to have a few of them checked out by a dermatologist to make sure they were all okay. So I made another appointment and had them checked out. I have plenty of them so the 15 minute appointment stretched into almost 45 minutes. Part of it was that she went looking for the camera to take a picture of a suspect mole to monitor it. I have a piture too so I can keep an eye on a mole I can't see. She stuck a little paper ruler to my back and snapped off a pic. So imagine my surprise this morning in the shower when I scratched my back and of came a little paper ruler. She didn't remove the thing, so it was there all night while I slept. I only had two suspect moles, one was darker than she would like but was small, the other was larger and not even in colour. So I have two that will need to be watched. Likely nothing will happen, especially considering my dislike for sunshine. Whether it is the middle of summer or the end of summer, I am always white as a ghost. My legs are neon in their whiteness. It is a little scary. Even when I was visiting in Vietnam, I could not get a tan. I was so white the sun seemed to just reflect off of me. I do burn but for some reason I resisted getting a burn while in Vietnam unlike the time I was in Thailand and swelled up from too much sun. At least I feel better for having them seen to . It is interesting that I could have continued going around blissfully unaware of my moles until a doctor mentioned it.


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