Friday, September 22, 2006

300th post, sort of

So I was watching the numbers slowly creeping there way up to 300 and I was planning on a 300th post milestone. That didn't happen. Somewhere between 296 and 304 I must have gotten post happy and I missed the 300th post. Oh well. I now have over 300 posts on the blog. I am a little surprised I kept it up after leaving the trail. But in a way it is therapeutic and lets me have my say about things. I do find that I write what I think then post the blog without really proofing for spelling or content. I really need to think about what I write as somethings come out a little harsh or a little TMI. I have been trying to have the blog evolve a little and as such I have taken to writing blurbs specifically about the movies I am watching. This is instead of having the writeup combined with another post. Not sure if the blurbs are influencing anyone's decision to watch ssaid movie but they reflect what I thought of the movie in question.


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