Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sweater buttons

This is the finished sweater. While it really only took me about a week to knit up the body and arms of the sweater, it sat on hold for a few weeks until I got around to finishing the button band. Then it sat around again while I procrastinated the sewing in of the ends. So on Sunday I took the finally finished sweater and blocked it. Now I need to figure out what colour button will go best with the sweater. That might take a while. I have red, yellow and green buttons but I think the yellow buttons might be a little small for the holes. Otherwise if those don't work, I might have to go out and buy buttons for the sweater. The red buttons match the sweater but they also seem to disappear into the sweater, the green might be a little to much of a contrast and the yellow don't really match the gold highlights nor are they the right size. I'll figure it out eventually.


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