Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ancestor by Scott Sigler

I just finished listening to a podcast called Ancestor by Scott Sigler. I have to say I was absolutely enthralled by the story and how well it was read. I was held hostage by the story and the need to keep listening to the next chapter. I am grateful I had the entire novel available so I could listen to all the episodes back to back. I think I would have gone kept hitting the refresh button wondering what was going to happen next.

The story was well written even from a science point of view. I work in a lab and hate seeing science dumbed down for average poeple. He hit the mark nicely. I could envision what was going on without feeling too much was glossed over. I found that the characters were well developed that I really felt for them. One character was so awful that I couldn't wait for him to get his come uppance. He was developed quite well so that I never really found myself hating him until near the end of the story. While little of his background was presented, enough was given to make his actions fit his personality. It was near the end when his non-rational rational caused me to start hating him. I began to look forward to his timely end. I was sad to see a few of the lesser characters die and I was still hoping that somehow they had escaped but alas they did not. I liked the strong female characters. There were several of them but I liked one who on the one hand could command a crew yet on the other hand can still be uncertain about things in life. No one knows all the answers and seeing her indecision, while I am sure that helped the story along, it also made her human.

Overall this was a great story that I highly recommend. I did get a comment from Scott a couple of posts back. I am glad he got a chance to read feedback on his work. It is always nice to get praise and constructive critisism. I especially want him to keep up the good work. I can't wait to check out his other podcasts. I have Infection and Earthcore waiting in my listening list and Rookie is slowly making its way in. As I know I will be in DC the next few days and potentially trapped in a hotel room, I will have plenty of listening time. I will also have to drive the car down sometime soon too so that will be another listening opportunity, especially if I have to swing up to Montreal to get the cat first.


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