Thursday, August 10, 2006

Washington, DC?

So I received some interesting news today. Seems that the lab may be relocating to Washington, DC. I have been asked to go along too. I think this will be a nice change. Washington has a lower cost of living compared to Boston, but I am not sure I will be making the same salary. The trouble is, if I stay in the Boston area, there is no garantee that I can find another job as they are scarce right now. And my most marketable skill is one I no longer which to use. Plus I actually like this lab and some of the research they are working on. I figure with the move, I may be able to switch things around a little and start working with one of the other post docs on their project which is much more interesting than what I am currently doing. I dislike working with mice and would much prefer to work in the informatics area. As of yet, this is only tentative news. This is not for sure and we won't know for a few weeks. I hope he decides to go for it. Harvard has been giving him a hard time and has fallen through with their promises. Georgetown has the money in the bank up front, ready and waiting. On the plus side, the Appalachian trail is nearby and that is about where I got off, so I could explore new sections of the trail.


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