Monday, July 31, 2006

Amazing peaches

I had one of those hard as a rock peaches this morning and they were really great. The peach flavour was quite pronounced. It is tempting to go back and pick up enough for a cobbler. I think the weather would be the only thing stopping me. I sit in an air-conditioned work place right now, but I suspect that it is quite hot and sticky out. I am not sure I even want to do anything when I get back to the apartment. Maybe if the weather starts clearing out on thursday, I will head back over to the store and see if the peaches are still on sale. They really are worth making a peach cobbler for. And now that I think about it, I am not even sure I have a recipe for a cobbler. I must, Betty Crocker has everything.

They are predicting that the weather will be over 100F tomorrow and definitely up near 104F on wednesday. That is after the humidex is factored in. Not sure if that will be in the city or out at the airport. Our airport is out along the sea and maybe cooler than the actual city. Nothing like ashphalt, buildings as wind blocks, and car exhaust to make a city hotter. I was even thinking of painting too. Oh well, I have ends to sew in on my lastest knitting project. The sooner I finish that the sooner I can sew the pieces together and move on to the next project.


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