Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kayaking fun

I took the kayak down to the pond that is about 1 mile away. It was rather hot earlier and I was hoping there would be a cooling breeze. There was but I then had to paddle against it. I guess you can't get everything for free. I think I might need to get some paddling groves as my hands are a little tender. I think my legs are going to be complaining tomorrow too. Oh well, this is called getting into shape. I joined an online paddling group, so that will mean more opportunites to get out and meet more people. I think if I had extra padding in the sitting area to brace my legs against, I might not get so sore. At least on a good note, the wet suit kept me fairly dry from all the dripping off the paddle. So no wet bottom this time. I was just sweaty instead.

I have to go into work again this weekend. I think this is going to be a busy weekend. Saturday I have to do an hour of work in the afternoon. There is the possibility of catching a movie with a group of people Saturday night, depends on what movie they pick. Saturday morning is the REI garage sale and while I am up that way, I might as well toss the kayak on the car and go paddling around Lake Quannapowitt which is nearby. Sunday I was thinking of going hiking in Breakheart to try to pick some blueberries. Not sure if the season will be good for them or if there will be any or if I will even be able to get enough. I might have to see if I can get all of next weekend off so I can go up to the Whites and pick a bunch then. Looks like a crazy weekend, I think Thursday will be a little crazy too, but Friday should be a littli more relaxing, I think.


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