Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lady in the Water

I decided spur of the moment to go catch "Lady in the Water". And it really was a last minute decision, I ended up power-walking over and still missed about 7 minutes of ads and previews. I was a little sad to miss previews as catching them at that the theater is the only way I se them. I don't watch TV and I am not going to waste more time on the internet with watching previews. I did still catch a few so that was good.

The movie was mostly enjoyable. There were a few points were they jumped to one conclusion where I thought it would have been something else and in the end I was right. A few times I was surprised. Mostly, I was disappointed that there was no big Ahhh moment as with M. Night Shamalans other movies. For me that was a real disappointment. It was a good movie, if you like supernatural or weird story lines. But knowing who the director was hyped the movie up more with an expectaion of a twist ending, or at least a twist in the plot. This movie came across as someone making a few bad decisions that right themselves at the end of the movie. Wow, big twist there!

I went to Whole Foods after the movie and raided their bulk section. I find that the priced at WF are quite expensive, but they have a really nice bulk section which is my only point in going. I can get cheat flour for making breadd and they have nice hard bread flours. I also found some whole wheat pastry flour which I hear can be substituted into baking recipes like cookies with little noticeable differences. So I want to give that a try. It is a good enough excuse to make cookies, especially as we will be getting scorching hot weather the next 2 days. I also picked up some nice peaches. They are a little on the hard side but looked good, the price was right too. Who can pass up cheap peaches? So since the weather will be too hot to cook, I will have to wait a little beofre experimenting some. I thought I would break out a different cookbook once a week and try a different recipe. I have some cookbooks that I don't think I have opened since buying them. That is a shame because some of them have some really nice looking recipes in them. When the weather cools, I will start experimenting.


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