Saturday, July 29, 2006

Working on Saturday, again

So my crazy day didn't seem quite that crazy. I got up a little early this morning so I could get to the REI garage sale before the store opened. I tossed the kayak onto the car and off I went. There really wasn't anything at the garage sale that was worth inpulse buying. I was going to get a windshield for my roof rack but it was the wrong size. I also didn't want to linger too long as they had everything outside and it was getting hot. I went into the store to pickup a few things, new tubes for my bike, biking/kayaking gloves, and gorilla tape. They didn't have the gorilla tape but they did have small 12oz nalgene bottles. All my other little bottle, ie the non-nalgene ones, have leaked at some point into my pack. So it was time for a replacement, and I know from past experience that my older, larger nalgene's have yet to leak. So in the end, there is nothing like a nalgene bottle. I then went for a quick paddle at the nearby lake.

I got back to the apartment with enough time for a quick shower, a quick bite and then off to work. I ended up staying at work for longer as it was nice and cool. So I did some computing and wrote my field report on my Keen sandals. I like them, they are slightly nicer than the ones I was hiking in on the trail last year.

I came home to find my roommate trying to fix the bathroom doorknob. It was really too hot to be doing work in a small room with no window. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the original knob but apparently he did. So what if the door didn't latch, there is a slide lock that we both used and that kept the door closed and locked. Now that the new knob is in, the door doesn't close properly and the latch is in the way. The door makes much more noise when being closed. Not what I want to hear at o'dark thirty in the morning. Oh well, its done.


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