Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cat woes maybe?

I called the pet store this morning to find out if it would be a problem to bring my cat in on a leash and harness for the low cost vaccination program they have. I asked specifically if the people running the clinic will have a problem, not if the store themselves will have a problem. The asnwer was, "its okay, actually a harness is better than just a collar". So I tossed a very unhappy cat into the back of the car for his second ride of the week. I put a blanket on the back seat as last time he dug his claws into the seat and left little holes. He was not a happy cat but he was happy to get out of the car. I got him into the store and stood in line. Then I received the potentially bad news, they will only take cats in carriers. I explained to the lady that I called ahead and verified and that my cat is really well behaved. She had to check with the vet. He allowed it but I got reamed out. Not sure how having a cat on a leash and harness is more hazardous to their health and safety than a large dog, or a pissed off cat in a carrier. One guy in front of me in line, had large, heavy-duty gloves with his carrier. I wouldn't want to have to reach into that carrier unprepared. My cat was relatively calm and the dogs were not making him panic. Even after his shot, he calmly sat there and didn't do anything. I think the vet is on crack. Reaching into a carrier is dangerous too, and dealing with some of the dogs can also be unsafe. So next year when it is time to get the booster shot, I will have to get the carrier back from my parents. I will try to get a smaller, free one off Freecycle to trade with them. Then I can walk the cat in and shove him in the carrier at the last minute. The cat was remarkable calm when I placed him in a cart and did some shopping. Maybe he knew I was buying him food and treats. I was sad he didn't like the treats. I will ry them on him again but looks like I wil have to give them to my parents for the other cat. Oh well. One less thing for him to gain weight over. He is topping in at 19lbs.


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