Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crazy hot weather

We are just coming out of a very nasty hot weather period. Temperatures were expected to be about 115F with the humidex and we managed to reach about 108F with the humidex. As the school is attached to the hospital, they share the same power plant. So when there are high demands on power, the hospital gets priority. So, unfortunately, yesterday when the weather was at uts hottest, it started to warm up quite a bit in the lab. I pulled out a thermometer and it was just hitting 27 in the lab. It wasn't too bad as the humidity was quite low. But when I stepped outside later on, the wall of heat and humidity was incredible. I got back to the apartment and turned on the AC right away. I had reheated leftover chili with some cheese for supper and I ate that in the cool bedroom. I even brought the cat and his food bowl in. He did not seem that happy but at least he was happy following me around and I did not have to carry him. He eventually ate, so he must have cooled off enough. I kept him in the room until he whined at midnight. I feel really bad for him. I tried to get him shaved earlier but had some problems. So he is still covered in long hair. I gave him a good brushing which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy. At least today is cooler and the lab is much more comfortable. I hope the apartment is okay, I was thinking of whipping up a quick stirfry before heading off to knitting. I also thought I would make some rice to go with it. I guess I will find out soon enough.


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