Thursday, July 27, 2006

An absolutely crazy day

I had to leave work early today so I could bring the cat to a shaving appointment I had set up two weeks ago. So that meant I was running around trying to get everything finished up by 3:30. I just made it out and rushed to get back to the apartment to pick up the cat. I had put his harness on him this morning to lull him into a false sense of security. I missed the red line train by mere seconds so I had to wait for the next one. As it was a hot day, the subway tunnels were quite hot. Finally I made it home. I quickly changed into shorts, grabbed a wonderfully healthy snack of a chocolate bar, then grabbed the cat. He was not impressed. I put him in the cat and turned on the AC full, and he just started to howl. I ended up hitting rush hour traffic and was a little late for the appointment. It was then that I received the worst possible news of the crazy day. The cats rabies shot had expired and they could not take him. I was crushed. I'm sure the cat was not impressed either. I drove home dejected. I will have to get him his rabies shot which may present its own problems. Last time, the people running the low-cost vaccinations at the Petco in Providence, wanted to not take the cat as he was not in a carrier. So now that my parents have the carrier, I hope that the place in Woburn will accept him. I will phone ahead to check as I am not driving him all the way out there for more bad news. I am really tempted to get my own set of heavy-duty clippers and do it myself.

So I figure, since I am at home earlier than I had expected to be, I might as well whip up a quick stirfry to go with some leftover brown rice. I had the veggies in the pan cooking when I went into the fridge to find the rice to nuke it. Low and behold, it was gone. I thing the roommate ate it so I tossed some ramen noodles into a pot of hot water and cooked them up. Into the stirfry they went. It was a good stirfry but I had my mouth all set for rice. Oh well, no worries. I grabbed my knitting and went off to the local knitting group meeting place. Only 2 other people showed but it was nice and relaxing, especially after having to deal with the cat. I was covered in cat hair, so I had to change my shirt before leaving for knitting.


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