Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mmmm, Tripe

I had a chance to try tripe today. Actually, I had a chance to do dimsum with a small group of people who are part of a writitg group. So I decided to be brave and get out and meet new people with similar interests. The dimsum was quite good. And the tripe was okay. I did try it and found it really didn't have much actual flavour. It was mostly the sauce that gave it any flavour. The tripe itself was just very chewy, and looked very, well not sure how best to decribe it. It is the cows stomach and it looked like the inside of a stomach, having seen one in HS biology class. I had heard of tripe before but I couldn't remeber what part of the animal it was, I thought it was tongue but soon learned it was not. It seems that when having dimsum at a very authentic restaurant, the best thing to do is order tripe and they take you more seriously. I didn't know anything, so I let the other people, who are more experienced do all the picking. Most things were very good. I would have liked a nice sticky rice to wash some things down with though. It was all very meaty and doughy, at least the one noodle dish helped.

I wandered around the Boston Common after the dimsum to try to walk off the bloated feeling of having over eaten. The had the cows on display. Artists sponsored by various companies had painted up some large cows as part of a charity drive for the Jimmy Fund. Some of the cows were really amazing. Mostly I liked that the names are puns, some are very bad puns, that are witty and cute.

I put new inner tubes in my bike this morning and took them for a spin. The bike is so much better now. The old ones just didn't seem to hold the pressure. I also had picked up some cycling gloves as the grips an the handle bars are very uncomfortable after a few minutes of biking. My ride is so much better now. I find that this has encouraged me to get out on the bike a bit more often. Just like how being able to load and unload the kayak by myself has opened up going for a paddle anytime I want. I think I will be going for an early morning paddle tomorrow. Then I have to do some house cleaning. I have been putting things off due to the heat. So tomorrow is the day.


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