Friday, July 28, 2006

It doesn't just rain here

It doesn't seem to rain here, actually it tends to be quite humid then we get torrential downpours with very impressive thunder and lightening shows. Just like in the winter, it doesn't really snow mostly it is a little raining with a few flurries, or we get dumped on so hard they spend days trying to clean up from the effects. So tonight the humidity finally broke with a very impressive display of raw furry. I hope no one was caught out in tha especially if there were trees around. The wind was quite powerful. I had to go around closing windows which made the apartment quite warm. The power went down for a few seconds, flicked then came back on. Good thing. I didn't really want to eat my supper alone and in the dark. I had a craving for chili and cornbread os I made some chili and cornbread. I put some cheddar on my chili. I don't know if there is a difference between the orange cheddar and the white or if it is all in my head. Could also be that I may have bought a milder cheddar this time without thinking about it. I will have to get a sharper cheddar next time. The cheese flovour seemed lost in the chili. I am going to go veg out in an AC cooled room, or at least in a room with better ventilation, then hit the sack. The REI garage sale is tomorrow morning and I thought I would bring the kayak and get some more paddling in before I have to run into work.


Blogger Sam said...

It's been a while since I've been able to visit. Wow I missed a lot! A hair cut, a cat shave, stolen rice, and some kayaking on top of all of that! BTW, I really liked your hair long, but the final-do looks great too. It makes you look older and wiser. (OOOO that phrase women hate.)


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