Friday, August 11, 2006

Liquid Fart

I went to knitting last night and had the most horrible thought. One of the knitters went to get some food for supper and came back with the soup du jour. The soup happened to be black bean soup and the first thought that popped into my head was what the effects of eating pureed beans would be on the intestinal system. I am sure the outcome is less horrible than I imagined, but the thought was there none the less. I ended up getting an almond pastry as a snack for the trip home. I managed to demolish it on the ride. It was okay but I don't think I will be getting it again. It just didn't seem sweet enough and the almond flavouring was also quite faint. About half an hour later it made its presence felt and I ended up on the toilet until about midnight. So much for a good nights sleep. Maybe that is what I get for thinking about farts, a ring of fire. I am still not feeling all that well today. We went out for a lab lunch and I merely rented the food. I think I am skipping supper tonight to give my gut and butt a rest. I think I will be having a nap when I get back to the apartment too.

On a better note than the about experience, I am working on a sweater for myself and have just attached the arms to the body, so I have shoulder shaping then neck shaping. I am mostly finished my mother's requested sweater. I have four more pattern repeats to do, which I should be able to do on the ride home tonight. Then all I have to do is motivate myself to sew in the ends and piece the thing together. I should sew in an end every time I sit down to knit. That way it will get done but will not require that I do a ton at once. My sweater is looking quite nice. I was going to do the small size as that is what the sizing chart recommended but I changed my mind after starting the first sleeve as it felt a little too tight. Good thing I got enough for a medium. Must have had the medium on my mind when I bought the yarn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That`s quite a segway, from liquid farts to knitting. What colour is the sweater, the color of pureed beens?

5:44 PM  

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