Friday, July 14, 2006

What a crazy week

It has been a crazy week this has been. I think I managed to leave on time only once and I came in late on friday but did end up leaving after 5:00. Normally I leave at 4:30. There has just been so many things coming up with trying to get animal protocols written that are acceptable, getting our special cages "properly" cleaned by the facility and getting mice in them. I also have to go in to work on saturday to put the mice in the cages. So that will eat up a good three hours of my saturday. Most likely I will get nothing accomplished. I have almost consistantly been putting in an extar half hour every day for a week now. If this continues for another week, I will have to chat with the boss and see if we should consider changing my hours. Likely we will keep an eye on it for a month then evaluate it. The extra money will be nice but I am sure Uncle Sam will be trying to get more of it then.

On a good note, the yarn I ordered is in and I can start working on some new projects. I did notice that I am short on some needle sizes for a few other porjects so I will have to break down and buy more needles . Knitpicks has a nice interchangeable set that I am looking at getting. Too bad it doen't have the smaller sized needles, the set starts at size 4 but I also use size 1 on a regular basis. So everything I ordered last week has arrived. I got the cat an appointment for a haircut, and I have one for myself too. I am not sure how much of my hair is coming off. Knees are getting better, I have been doing some strengthening exercises and some stretching. Progress is that I can finally do up and down a flight of stairs with little to no pain. I must remember to not overdo it though. I really don't want a set back.


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