Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Relaxing holiday weekend

So the hiking part of the weekend was kind of relaxing but the rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing. I really only set up the tent to shake out all the pine needles and that was it. I am sore from the hiking as I hit my trail pace and just flew along. The thru-hiker behind me was just barely gaining on me. That was how I guessed he was a thru-hiker. So due to the reather stiff pace I tend to set, my calves are sore and so are my ankles. But on a good note, the knees, that where braced, feel good. They still give me some pain but I think the exercises the therapist gave me are helping. The ankles are sore as I seem to have lost the muscles from the thru-hike and have to build up my ankle strength again. I either wear the sandals to work or shoes which have a fair amount of ankle support. So my ankles have gotten lazy over the winter. I have to work on that. There is going to be some fireworks tonight but I doubt I will be able to stay up sate enough to catch them. I do have to go to work tomorrow, and I really don't sleep well when I go camping, so I will likely hit the sack early to try to catch up.


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