Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates: Dead Man's Chest

So I didn't really have time to properly organize an outing but I did drop a few emails and managed to gather a few people to watch the latest Pirate movie. I really wanted to watch the first one before the second one just to jog my memory, but alas a few people came late and we didn't have time to watch it. Instead we watched the Iron Giant, then ran over to the theater. I really was't that impressed with the film and some of the fight scenes were just so ridiculous that I was laughing more than trying to stay caught up with the film. I found that laughing at the stupidity of some things caused me to lose interest in the film and broke the story line enough that I could follow the ending. It was a shame, it seemed to have some potential but the story line ended up coming across as too simplistic. Is that a reflection of what Hollywood thinks their audience can handle or is that what people are demanding?


Blogger Sam said...

That last question is a great one! It's a common theme throughout all music and movie genres lately. Does the producer or the artist make "allright" music or an "allright" movie that will sell a whole bunch? Or do they make a "great" movie or "great" music and only sell it to people who will and can appreciate it, or to people that "get it"???

And does getting your name out there with mediocore material just to get people to buy your excellent material, justify making something that is not up to your true talents and abilities? Or do you refuse to 'sell-out' and not sell anything? Quite a dilemma.

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