Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blue Ribbon BBQ

If you are going to try being vegetarian just 'cuz, the best way to blow it is to go to your favourite restaurant and order pulled chicken. My parents will be arriving soon and I needed to get some groceries, which meant passing near Blue Ribbon BBQ, so picking up some take out was too tempting. Also, my parents will want to go so I would be eating there eventually. Since I have no ethical reasons to not eat meat, I decided to not hold myself back. So I got my absolutely favourite dish and chowed down. I was in seventh heaven. Cooking vegetarian really wasn't that much different from cooking meat except for having to not take into account thawing time on meat. Since I don't normally eat slabs of meat I didn't miss that aspect, but I did miss having small amounts of meat in curries and stirfries. I also refuse to use tofu as a meat substitute because that is just like saying, "I want meat so I will eat this substitute to try to trick myself into thinking I am eating meat while actually I am not". I may not have given it enough of a chance, but I felt that I didn't feel any different, and I found I was actually overeating. While there are some very good ethnic cuisines available, I really do like meat. I don't think I will suddenly start eating meat at every meal, but I think I will work it back into the diet in smaller amounts rather than as slabs of meat. Shredded chicken makes a great addition to stirfries without having to use tons of meat. I think in the end, I could eat vegetarian but I have no inclination to go out of my way to do it.


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