Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shop 'til you drop

Two full days of shopping with my mother and I have filled my shopping quota for the next three months. I blew the budget, but then I have never tried to stick to a budget. I also was going to stores I don't normally go to so I wanted to get all my shopping out of the way. The budget also wasn't that blown considering how I will likely not be buying anything for the next month and I was saving up for this. I ended up with two more chairs for my table, bringing me up to 6. I impulse bought a few used games for the Xbox, and now it is time to save up for the 360. I picked up a dust mop to help make cleaning up after the cat easier. In the end, mostly it was stuff that I needed with just a few more frivolous things. But who could live without frivolous things. Where's the fun otherwise.

My dad fixed my windshield wiper blades. A nut had loosened then popped off and so while the motor for the blades was running, the wipers were not moving. This really came to a head on Satruday when I was coming back from Ikea with my mother and the wipers stopped and never came back on. Good thing it had just stopped raining. I also now have a curtain rod for my curtains, and he assembled my free gas grill. We moved the kayak off the garage floor in an attempt to make room for the car and I moved the Molson beer keg down to the garage. I think I might use the keg as a table or stand until I get around to putting it to proper use. It would make too much beer for me to be able to deal with though. I think I will start making 1 gallon batches from now on. In the end, lots was accomplished this weekend.


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