Monday, July 10, 2006

Kayak lifting

If you want a really good workout, try lifting a kayak onto a car by yourself. That is what I did tonight. I really want to be able to just load the kayak on the car and go. This would be hard to do if there is no one around to help me with the loading so I spend about half an hour trying different ways to dead lift the kayak onto the car. I found a method that seems to work consistantly so I will stick with that. I do have a bit of trouble getting it off the car so I will have to work on that. The hard part is that the kayak is bow heavy and I cannot simlpy grasp it in the middle, I have to grasp the kayak closer to the front. The kayak is also long which makes for an unwieldy load with lots of potential to hit anything and everything in its path that I can't immediately see. So basically, I shouldn't park next to someone when I load or unload. I did find a good use for the Molson keg. It is now in the garage with the kayak and I can use in as an intermediate drop from one of the hooks while I go deal with the other hook. Puts less of a strain on me and prevents dragging it along the cement.

It was a crazy day at work and I am not sure lifting a kayak onto a car was a good way to end it. I did start the day bright and early with a bike ride. It is nice and cool in the morning and a nice refreshing way to wake up. My roommate joined me and we biked down to Arlington center along the bike path. Didn't go much further than that as I didn't want to push my first bike ride of the year too much. I wanted some exercise and some knee strengthening. Hopefully I achieved both. Only tomorrow will tell.


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