Thursday, June 08, 2006

Trying vegetarian fare

So I thought I would give the vegetarian lifestyle a little trial. I have heard it is good for you and I wanted to see how much I would miss meat. I decided eggs and milk are still going to be in my diet. I will be trying this for a month, after that I will see how I feel. At this point, I am thinking chicken will definitely be making a comeback. So at this point I have been trying this for a week and while the vegetarian curry I made was very good, it wousd have been better with chicken. So I guess I am missing chicken. I also ended up with enough curry to last me almost two weeks. If I don't get tired of vegetarian fare, I might get sick of eating curry. I did go all out, I made some brown rice in the oven, which turned out better than all the other times I have made this brown rice. In the past, it has been undercooked, this time it was mostly cooked with the top layer slightly undercooked and the bottom layer slightly overcooked. I made some chana dahl glop, it is good and the dahl did break down like they should have but there is no better way of describing the resulting mess other than glop. I also made a nice chickpea and vegetable vindaloo, which might have been better if I hadn't used so many chickpeas. Basically, it is chickpeas with a few extras. If there is ever a next time, I will be using half as many chickpeas. Those things are small when dry but expand upon soaking and cooking. I also tried making poori, which may or may not have turned out. I have actually never had poori before and the bread like things I made where good and go well with the meal but I am not sure if they are authentic.


Blogger Sam said...

I too am trying the veg thing this summer. I haven't missed anything yet, but I'm realizing how much meat I used to eat. No more lunch-meat sandwiches, no more grilled chicken, no more burgers. It's an eye opener if anything. Great blog, I will check back often!

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