Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here comes the sun...

It is finally looking nice out once again. While the wind is a brisk breeze, the sun is out so I am not complaining. I will try to enjoy it while it lasts. There is no telling if the non-stop rain of the last two weeks will find a way to come back.

I took off Friday and Monday of last week so I could get some car stuff done. Turns out I still have to go to the RMV to get the car and myself licensed as there was no way to have the insurance on the car effective for that day. Silly me, I should have called them on the Friday and set it up for the Monday. Oh well. I will have to go to the RMV Thursday night and try to get all that stuff done then. I am still waiting for the new mirror for the car. I expect that to take a few days and it is best to put off the registration so I will have the mirror before I have to get the car inspected.

I bought the cat a new toy. I had to as it seems most, if not all the toys I had for him have been lost to the people who have been taking car of him. First a friend, then my parents. Guess they should be able to keep some of the toys for the other cat I left with them, but that left me with no scratching post. I found a scratching pad that had an arch made of plastic brisles. My cat seemed to like it at first but since I just got it yesterday, I will give him some time to get to play with it while no one is home. It was moved this morning, but then so where the things on the cupboard. If I can get him to walk through the arch, it will brush the cat for me.


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