Thursday, May 25, 2006

Running around and taxes

Today is a running around day. I have to hit the post office and mail out some stuff, then hit the RMV to get a drivers license and register the car. Hopefully I can get all that done before other things start closing as I wanted to pick up some yarn and return a jacket too. At least my taxes are finally finished for this year. Just have to post them out.

Looks like this long weekend will be a little better weather-wise than last weekend. It maybe a little overcast but I think that will be better than more rain. I am planning a camping trip up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire this weekend. It will be a nice gently loop hike with low mile days. Mostly it will be a chance to use the gear I am testing. I am currently testing a dry bag, a tent, a rain coat and hiking sandals. So far, I really like the rain coat and I have had a pair of sandals from this company so I know I will like them. I am not really that fond of the tent, although maybe it will grow on me. It is rather heavy so I may have to restrict it to car camping once I have tested it sufficiently for this test series. This weekend will also be a test run of how my knees are doing with a relatively easy hike and how my back is doing, it was also bothering me a lot by the end of the thru-hike. I will see how light I can get the load (although 5 lbs worth of tent is hard to get down) and how comfortable I am.


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