Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ripley Falls

Ripley Falls

Out for a lond weekend. First major hike of the year and the first since getting off the trail last year. I am carrying about 25lbs of stuff, 5lbs of which are a tent I am testing. It is a nice tent and maybe the weight would be better shared between two people but today I am alone. Lots of space with just me and my gear in the tent. I figure, if I can upgrade to a tarptent, I may be able to get the weight down to 20lbs. I may have a hard time breaking past 20lbs without investing heavily in new gear, so 20lbs I will try for and stay at.

The picture above is of Ripley Falls which is about 0.3 miles in from the parking area but is along a steep section of trail. This same section is part of the AT that I hiked last year and I had a hard time with it then as well as now. The trail contiues up at a steep ascent for a while before becoming a more gradual ascent. Shortly before tho turn-off for the Ethan Pond Shelter, the trail levels off and is quite flat and easy after that. I found a nice off-trail camping site right near Thoreau Falls and settled in early.

I am testing a tent, sandals, drybag and raincoat this trip. The weather is warm, maybe about 20C with some wind, partly scattered clouds and some scattered, very light showers earlier. The raincoat worked well with me wearing the hood and therest of the jacket as a packcover. The double zipper was especially handy here as I could zip up to my chin with both zippers, this held the hoot to my head while leaving the rest to drap over the pack.


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