Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hair cut time?

I have been leaning heavily on the side of finally cutting my hair and leaving it that way. The feeling has been around for a little while and I am sure this is not just a passing thought. I have been getting annoyed more often with my long hair. Mostly it started on the trail and has been with me ever since. It is in the way more often, the braid gets under my pack or falls into my face, and it is a bother to take care of. The problem is that I have never really been satisfied with shorter hair styles as they almost always require hair gel or a hair dryer, neither or which I own or are interested in owning. So in the end I simply grow out the hair style until I am left with long hair once again. If I can't just brush out my hair and go then it is not a good style. I require simple, no maintanance, and out of my face. I think I need to break this cycle and settle into a hair style. I feel like I have grown out of my desire to have long hair. I think the next time I am home I will look around at my options.


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