Thursday, May 18, 2006

I like Google

I really like Google. What started off as simply another search engine, slowly grew into email, then Froogle and Picasso. Now I have noticed within my Gmail account, a link for extras. So in my boredom one day, I clicked the link and explored some of the many extras Google now provides. I disovered that Blogger is run by Google. I also discovered a calendar feature, and the coolest in my opinion was the notebook feature. Now I can save page links or interesting paragraphs found on the web into the notebook and be able to access it from any computer. I am not sure if I find this interesting because it is a new thing right now or if it is something that will become really cool and well used. I think it may be because I miss being able to log into my home computer and add to a file or create a file. I am currently sitting behind a firewall and all I really need to do is get the correct port opened that will allow me to log into my computer. But I am lazy and maybe this will be handy enough to continue being useful. Only time will tell.


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