Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ethan Pond and lazy Sundays

Ethan Pond

Woke up stiff and sore this morning. That was to be expected as I did no stretching whatsoever. I actually have still done no stretching. For the most part I feel good. I opted to skip Zealand Hut and instead headed back to spend the night at Ethan Pond. It was a beautiful day and I met som every nice people. I had a chance to chat with the four guys lugging in everything. they may have even had a sink in their packs somewhere. They had a Coleman stove, Coleman lantern, a ton of cotton clothes, lots of chew, cigarettes and beer. They did have almost every luxury including frozen venison in a cooler, but no camp chairs. Those rocks around the campfire got very hard, very fast. I ended up grabbing what few extra clothes I had and butting then in the drybag and sitting on that. It worked really well when I left a little air in the drybag, but it seems the drybag doesn't keep air in when under pressure. Oh well, it was better than a plain, unpadded rock.

So today was a lazy day spent mostly relaxing around the pond and chatting with other hikers staying at the site and dayhikers coming in for a break. I did end up with a mild burn on my forehead and nose. At least I was not as bright red as some of the guys who had spent all day out in the sun fishing. They must have picked up some glare from the pond too.


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