Monday, May 29, 2006

The Hard Part is leaving

The Hard Part
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I didn't want to leave this morning but alas I had to get back to the real world. This picture was taken after I had finished most of the descent to the parking area. I turned around to try to capture the angle of descent. It is a much tougher climb than it looks. I tried to be careful of my knees. I had them braced and used my poles as often as needed. Hopfully that will have kept the pounding down to a minimum. I did manage to do the 2.5 miles out in 1 hour. I have lost some of my trail hardness, but not all of it. Mind you, downhill is faster than uphill. I still did make relatively good time going up hill and on the flat sections. I can tell that the body remembers and yet I have lost tone as the body was complaining later too. At least I had fun and had a great weekend. Can't ask for much more than that.


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