Sunday, May 21, 2006

An Entire Weekend of Rain

I went up to Montreal this weekend only to find that the rain followed me. It was overcast and rainy the entire time I was there. It did brighten up a little one morning getting everyone's hopes up, but to no avail, it still rained. I did have my knees looked at again. Just when I thought I was doing really well with them, I go and bash my right and best knee very badly. I ended up with some swelling and was unable to bend my knee. I suspect it will hurt for a few more days. I did learn a few stretches that I could work on to help loosen up the thigh and new area. Once the knee swelling goes away, I will start working on those.

I had to import the car back into the States, which I tought would be a very painful process, but they just filled out the paperwork and waved me through. I had more trouble getting the car out of the country then into it. I do need to get the driver side mirror fixed up before I can get it inspected. I ordered the wrong mirror and had to have them send me the correct mirror. Hopefully that will come soon. I also need to get new motors for the windshield wipers as they are slow and prone to overheating. I had them just stop in the middle of wiping the windshield in a heavy downpour while on the highway. So new motors as soon as I can.


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