Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Patello Femoral what?

I had some x-rays taken of my left knee. Only the left because it was assumed that since it was the worse knee it would be at most representative of my right knee. I recently received a letter from the doctor who ordered the x-rays saying I have normal knees, no arthitis formation or bone fragments. Basically, nothing on the x-rays to expain the pain. So at least if there was any damage it was nothing in the bones. I followed through with an orthopedic exam today. The doctor proceeded to squeeze the hell out of my knees and ask if it hurt. Of course it hurts, you're squeezing really hard right on the bones. When I mentioned squating and kneeling hurts, he asked that I squat down to see, and yup, squatting still hurts. He gave me a diagnosis of Patello Femoral Syndrome, which basically is like saying there is something wrong with your knee, but we don't know what it is so we are lumping you in this catagory with everyone else who has non-specific knee pain. Anyway, I will be giving physical therapy a try and see if that helps.

On a good note, I went to a trade show hosted by one of our in lab vendors. There was a raffle that I participated in and I won a gas grill. I am not sure haw it works as I have not opened the box but it looks like a small BBQ without the brickets. And, nicely enough, it came with two little bottles of gas. Not sure when I will have a chance to give it a try, but since the weather just turned hot again maybe soon. I may have to break from trying to be vegetarian for a month, but this is for a good cause. Or, more likely what will happen is I will procrastinate on using it and eventually I will be outside of that one month time. I don't seem to miss meat as I am not dreaming of eating it, but I was dreaming of eating chocolate recently. Hmmm, maybe my body is trying to tell me something.


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