Friday, May 12, 2006

Mostly settled in now

Work is picking up now. I have much less "free" time now and actually have things to do. At least that is the case today. I did have time to sit down and watch a Nature film that one of the professors brought in. IT was called "The Queen of Trees" and it was about a fig tree. While it may seem boring, I suspect that this film would be very good with a crowd of people and some alcohol. It was quite entertaining with a crowd and sober, but I think a little alcohol in the mix would make for lots of silly entertainment. Basically there was a lot of innuendo in the film.

I am for the most part unpacked and mostly settled. I still have to move the aquariums to their permanent homes and get them up and running. I think the little 30 gallon tank will have some fish in it, but I think the 55 gallon will just be turned into a terrarium. I don't feel like dealing with fish anymore and may even turn the 30 into a terrarium too. I still also have to move boxes down into the basement for storage and set up the dining room. Right now the table is pushed under the window to make room for the storage boxes. I want to get it into the middle of the room, get the 55 galon aquarium in there and the sewing machine into the corner and find a place to set up my easel. As it does not fit into the sunroom, I think I will turn the sunroom into a sitting room with book and have a reading room. All I will have to do is find a comfy chair.

Since I am mostly settled in now, I emailed a few friends in the area and will be trying to start a StitchandBitch and an event night. I am hoping to be able to gather people together once a month at least to get out and see some event, either a play or a movie and get some food too. Another thing that would be nice to do will be to have poeple over to knit with and talk to. It is a great way to learn new techniques. Or show off l33t knitting skillz.


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